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5 customer questions about strains

Posted by Transnetyx Genetic Services Team on Dec 20, 2018 11:00:00 AM

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At Transnetyx, our goal is to take care of all of your genotyping needs. Our Genetic Services team conducted a survey to collect the most common questions that our customers ask. The first topic we will cover are questions regarding strains.

1. Does Transnetyx genotype my strains or mutation?

2. How do I create a new strain?
  • If your strain is not available in our database, please fill out a Strain Information Form. This form allows us to review the necessary information to proceed with our free custom assay design process, if needed.
3. Can I share a strain with someone? (Strain Sharing)
  • Of course! If you would like to share strains with other lab members or colleagues you can send them through your Quick Order account. They can also rename the strain and accept/deny in their own account.
4. I need to test more than one mutation or, in other words, two Transnetyx strains on one sample, how do I do that? 5. How do I enter sequence information?
  • To enter sequence information, please navigate to the My Strains drop-down menu and select Sequencing Requests. *Remember, the Sequencing RequestForm must be completed before sequencing can begin. If you have the sequence data already, you may click “I have sequence data for this strain” for each Sequencing Request.

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