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A Critical Piece to the Reproducibility Puzzle: A Statement from President and CEO, Bob Bean

Posted by Transnetyx on Nov 20, 2019 9:33:00 AM

Untitled design-41The pursuit of service is one of life's greatest gifts. If you work in the field of scientific discovery, you have dedicated your career to this challenging path. This quest for discovery is also a quest for the betterment of our society, and a conscious decision to give your time and professional gifts to those who are often its most disadvantaged members. 

Over the past fifteen years of serving researchers globally, we have borne witness to the obstacles you face. To our outside eyes, none of these hindrances have appeared as daunting as that of the reproducibility crisis. Through all the ire and criticism from those in and outside of science, a few paths to resolution have materialized from the haze. As the evidence has mounted, the microbiome has emerged as a critical piece of the reproducibility puzzle.

Over the past two years, we've worked to develop a service that provides scientists with the ability to do more than define the composition and diversity of their research animals' gut microbiome. Research has validated that a reliable analysis of what's there is critical. However, our focus has been on providing the tools the research community needs to visualize, manipulate, understand, and apply this data over the life of a study, project, or program. Our goal was to make the incorporation of microbiome data into routine monitoring accessible to our customers, who are the busiest and hard
est working people we know.

The service needed to be a great experience for our customers. It needed to be accurate, reliable, easy to use, and affordable. This has been no easy task, but we do believe we have made it a reality. But now, we are asking for your help. We are now offering early access to our Microbiome Analysis service through our Pioneer Program. We will send you everything you need to collect and ship your samples at a discounted price in exchange for your invaluable feedback. We need researchers who are willing to share their experience and what they really need out of a microbiome service. Based on key insights and market feedback, we will officially launch an improved version in Spring 2020.

You deserve the opportunity to be equipped with the right tools to assess the microbiome and determine whether its variance has an impact on your work. You deserve the opportunity to consider it as you track changes in phenotype over time, and to evaluate its relevance in those areas. Most importantly, you deserve the opportunity to have access to a simple, reliable service that allows you to incorporate microbiome monitoring into your routine workflows. Our aim is to give you the ability to include microbiome characterization as a critical component in the methodology of your publications.

This access is critically important to us because we see the unfair criticism of our genotyping customers when their experimental outcomes cannot be reproduced in other environments. We now know that changes in the microbiome from one country, state, city, institute, and even buildings within an institute are a very real source of phenotypic variability. This variability has been shown to contribute to small but significant changes in outcomes. To us, it seems only reasonable that, if researchers seek to repeat a study, they should include data on the consistency (or inconsistency) of the microbiome in their comparative work. Your work deserves to have this included and explored as a very real condition of any study that attempts to replicate your findings.

We hope that adding this testing to our portfolio of services will give you substantial insight into your research. We are honored to serve those who have dedicated their lives to research and discovery. You give us hope for improvements in the lives of people today and those who follow us in the future.


 Bob Bean, President and CEO of Transnetyx


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